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    • Second language acquisition and "real" French: An investigation of subject doubling in the French of Montreal Anglophones 

      Nagy, Naomi; Blondeau, Helene; Anger, Julie (Cambridge University Press - Copyright holder: Cambridge University Press - Http://, 2002)
      ABSTRACT --We investigated the French of the first generation of Montreal Anglophones who had had access to French immersion schooling. Our aim was to determine the extent to which these Anglophones had acquired the ...
    • Variation in the use of discourse markers in a language contact situation 

      Sankoff, Gillian; Thibault, Pierrette; Nagy, Naomi; Blondeau, Helene; Fonollosa, Marie Odile; Gagnon, Lucie (Cambridge University Press;, 1997)
      Use of discourse markers by 17 speakers of Anglophone Montreal French (AMF) showed great variation in individual repertoires and frequency of use. Only five subjects manifested rates of usage comparable to those native speakers ...