The Centre for Research on Language Contact (CRLC) brings together the research activities of the faculty members and students of York University who investigate various aspects of language contact at both societal and individual levels. Among the topics examined by CRLC members one can mention: second or multiple language acquisition, societal or individual bilingualism, inter-group relationships in bilingual or multilingual settings, minority language maintenance or loss, bilingual education, the role of language and cultural contact in language change, pidgin and Creole genesis, dialect mixture and the linguistic and cultural dimensions of translation. CRLC members investigate language contact from the perspective of several disciplines (e.g., linguistics, sociology, demography, psychology, political science, history and musicology) and in a variety of settings, Toronto and Ontario, other Canadian provinces and other countries throughout the world. The CRLC includes external members who are leading researchers in the field of Language Contact.

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