The Glendon’s Student Annual International Studies Symposium is a project entirely conceived and managed by students. It was initiated during the 1995-1996 academic year by a group of highly motivated students, eager to deepen their knowledge and experience of foreign countries or regions and the relations between Canada and those countries or regions. So far, the Project has covered the following countries or regions: Cuba (1995-1996), China (1996-97), South Africa (1997-1998), the European Union (1998-1999), the Middle East (1999-2000), South East Asia (2000-2001), Brazil (2001-2002), Russia (2002-2003), India (2003-2004), The Great Lakes Regions of Central Africa (2004-2005), Mexico (2005-2006), Turkey (2006-2007), Egypt (2007-2008), Venezuela (2008-2009), Iran (2009-2010), Hispaniola (2010-2011), Germany (2011-2012), and Korea (2012-2013). The success of this project has enhanced the visibility, not only of the Department of International Studies, but also of Glendon College and York University as a whole, in Canada and abroad. The students have consistently been able to invite many distinguished speakers and guests to participate in the symposium, including foreign diplomats as well as Canadian federal ministers and renowned Canadian and international academics. The project has become a major event, forging links among various constituencies, notably the Glendon, York and outside academic community as well as the wider metropolitan community, in particular its immigrant population. This online community offers online access to digitized copies of the conference proceedings published for the symposiums focused on Mexico, Brazil, and Russia.

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