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dc.contributor.authorAhmad, Tania
dc.identifier.citationAhmad, Tania (2013). “Denouncing Party Politics: Indignation and Domestic Confinement in Karachi”. Asia Colloquia Papers 3(2). Toronto: York Centre for Asian Research.
dc.description.abstractDelivering her lecture as part of the 2012 York Centre for Asian Research (YCAR) Urban Asia Series, Dr. Tania Ahmad examines the events surrounding the 12 May 2007 Karachi riots, the discourse of self-described “ordinary residents” who were compelled to stay indoors during the conflict, and their sense of indignation towards party politics and the political violence. Ahmad suggests that the shared experience of non-participation during the incident was not an instance of depoliticization for these residents, but rather a mode of political engagement. The sociality formed around discourses of non-involvement through domestic confinement was shaped by the denunciation of events occurring in the streets.
dc.rightsThe copyright for the paper content remains with the author(s).
dc.subjectSouth Asian Studies
dc.subjectUrban Asia Studies
dc.subjectPakistan Studies
dc.titleDenouncing Party Politics: Indignation and Domestic Confinement in Karachi
dc.typeAsia Colloquia Papers
dc.subject.keywordsParty politics
dc.subject.keywordsPolitical violence

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