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  • Live, Learn, Grow: Supporting Transitions to Adulthood for Homeless Youth – A Framework for the Foyer in Canada 

    Gaetz, Stephen; Scott, Fiona (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2012)
    In Canada, there is a growing interest in developing more effective responses to youth homelessness. This is expressed by the desire to shift our efforts from providing homeless youth with bare bone emergency services to ...
  • “Take the Story, Take the Needs, and DO Something”: Grassroots Women’s Priorities for Community-Based Participatory Research and Action on Homelessness 

    Paradis, Emily; Mosher, Janet (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2012)
    The Women, Homelessness and Community-Based Participatory Research project grew out of a sense that while many CBPR projects addressing women and homelessness existed in communities across the country, information about ...
  • We’re not asking, we’re telling: An inventory of practices promoting the dignity, autonomy, and self-determination of women and families facing homelessness 

    Paradis, Emily; Bardy, Sherry; Cummings Diaz, Patricia; Athumani, Farida; Pereira, Ingrid (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2012)
    This study builds upon the findings of several recent participatory projects in which women facing homelessness have taken the lead and voiced their knowledge about the causes and consequences of, and the solutions to ...
  • Coming of Age: Reimagining the Response to Youth Homelessness in Canada 

    Gaetz, Stephen (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2014)
    The goal of this report is to present an argument for approaching how we respond to youth homelessness in a new way. The report achieves this by pulling together key information about youth homelessness, to better inform ...
  • Leaving Home: Youth Homelessness in York Region 

    Noble, Amanda; Donaldson, Jesse; Gaetz, Stephen; Mirza, Sabina; Coplan, Isaac; Fleischer, David (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2014)
    In York Region, there is a growing awareness of the problem of youth homelessness. In the past many people saw it as a ‘big city’ problem, more likely to occur in places like downtown Toronto or Vancouver. But we now know ...
  • A Safe and Decent Place to Live: Towards a Housing First Framework for Youth 

    Gaetz, Stephen (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2014)
    Across North America and elsewhere in the world, Housing First is recognized as an effective and humane approach to addressing homelessness. The need for a consideration of how Housing First works for young people (aged ...
  • Homelessness in Yellowknife: An Emerging Social Challenge 

    Falvo, Nick (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2011)
    here is a considerable amount of visible homelessness in Yellowknife (NWT), yet very little third-party analysis of the situation. This report begins by briefly discussing who is homeless in Yellowknife and then outlines ...
  • Family Matters: Homeless Youth & Eva’s Initiative’s Family Reconnect Program 

    Winland, Daphne; Gaetz, Stephen; Patton, Tara (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2011)
    Young people become homeless largely because of challenges they experience within their families. We know well that conflicts within family - whether related to abuse, mental health, or addictions issues of either young ...
  • Surviving Crime and Violence: Street Youth and Victimization in Toronto 

    Gaetz, Stephen; O'Grady, Bill; Buccieri, Kristy (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2010)
    Any parent would be outraged if their child was exposed to violence and crime. Any community would consider this to be unacceptable. Should we be concerned about the risks that young people who are homeless face? In our ...
  • Housing First - Where is the evidence? 

    Waegemakers Schiff, Jeannette; Rook, John (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2012)
    n the last ten years a radical transformation has occurred in the attitudes and practices guiding housing programs that provide emergency and long-term housing for homeless people. This shift evolved from linear or step-wise ...
  • The State of Homelessness in Canada 2013 

    Gaetz, Stephen; Donaldson, Jesse; Richer, Tim; Gulliver, Tanya (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2013)
    The State of Homelessness in Canada: 2013 is the first extensive Canadian report card on homelessness. This report examines what we know about homelessness, the historical, social and economic context in which it has ...
  • Performance Management in a Housing First Context: A Guide for Community Entities 

    Turner, Alina (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2015)
    In its renewal of the Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS), the Government of Canada has prioritized Housing First as a key strategy to reduce homelessness. A Housing First approach focuses on moving people who are ...
  • Strategies to End Homelessness: Current Approaches to Evaluation 

    Paulie, Bernie; Carlson, Ellie; Perkin, Kathleen (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2012)
    The purpose of this paper is to provide a summary of research on interventions that aim to end or reduce homelessness. Our specific goals were to gain an understanding of the different populations for whom interventions ...
  • The Real Cost of Homelessness 

    Gaetz, Stephen (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2012)
    This report summarizes what we know about the cost of addressing homelessness by looking at key literature from Canada and the United States. What becomes clear is that the status quo is actually really expensive. It may ...
  • The State of Homelessness in Canada 2014 

    Gaetz, Stephen; Gulliver, Tanya; Richter, Tim (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2014)
    Canada is nearing an important crossroads in our response to homelessness. Since homelessness emerged as a significant problem – in fact, as a crisis – in the 1990s, with the withdrawal of the federal government’s investment ...
  • Poverty Amongst Plenty: Waiting for the Yukon Government to Adopt a Poverty Reduction Strategy 

    Falvo, Nick (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2012)
    Poverty is bad for the economy, leads to higher health care costs and takes a serious toll on human lives. Most Canadian jurisdictions have developed poverty reduction strategies in the past decade, but Yukon has not. This ...
  • Can I See Your ID? The Policing of Youth Homelessness in Toronto 

    O'Grady, Bill; Gaetz, Stephen; Buccieri, Kristy (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2011)
    Homelessness, and its visibility, is back in the news in Toronto. Concerns about the scourge of panhandling have once again surfaced in local media with city councillors regularly weighing in on the ‘problem’. With little ...
  • Youth Homelessness in Canada: Implications for Policy and Practice 

    Gaetz, Stephen; O'Grady, Bill; Buccieri, Kristy; karabanow, jeff; Marsolais, Allyson (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2013)
    Youth homelessness is a seemingly intractable problem in Canada. In communities across the country, people are increasingly aware of the sight of young people who are without a home, sleeping in parks, sitting on sidewalks ...
  • Finding Home: Policy Options for Addressing Homelessness in Canada 

    Hulchanski, J. David; Campsie, Philippa; Chau, Shirley; Hwang, Stephen; Paradis, Emily (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2009)
    Finding Home aims to fill a gap in the information available on homelessness by providing an easily accessible collection of the best Canadian research and policy analysis on homelessness.
  • Aboriginal Homelessness in Canada: A Literature Review 

    Patrick, Caryl (Canadian Homelessness Research Network, 2014)
    This paper presents a comprehensive review of scholarly literature on the topic of Aboriginal Homelessness in Canada. It answers the following four broad inquiry areas through a review and analysis of current (1988-2012), ...

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