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    • t's a bird. 

      Kaufman, Mel B. [composer] (Cleveland : Sam Fox Pub. Co., 1917, 1917)
    • T'will not be long. 

      Johnson, Herbert [composer] (Boston : The Waldo Music Company Publishers, 1897, 1897)
    • Taffy 

      Von Tilzer, Harry [composer]; Bryan, Vincent [lyricist]; Buck, Gene [graphic artist] (New York, NY : Harry Von Tilzer Music Pub. Co., 1908., 1908)
    • Taffy. 

      Von Tilzer, Harry [composer]; Bryan, Vincent [lyricist]; Buck, Gene [illustrator] (New York : Harry Von Tilzer Music Publishing Co., 1908., 1908)
    • 'Tain't no sin 

      Donaldson, Walter [composer]; Leslie, Edgar [lyricist]; Lane, Pud [graphic artist] (New York : Donaldson-Douglas & Gumble Inc., 1929., 1929)
    • 'Taint So, Honey, 'Taint So 

      Breen, May Singhi [arranger]; Robison, Willard [composer] (New York : Irving Berlin, Inc., 1928., 1928)
    • Take a little one-step. 

      Youmans, Vincent [composer]; Sears, Zelda [lyricist] (New York : Warner Bros. Music, [c1923]., [c1923])
    • Take a pair of sparkling eyes. 

      Sullivan, Arthur [composer]; Gilbert, W. S. (William Schwenck) [lyricist] (London : Chappell & Co. Ltd., 1917, 1917)
    • Take a picture of the moon 

      Little, Jack [composer]; Young, Joe [lyricist] (New York : Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., 1932., 1932)
    • Take a trip to Montreal 

      Ashworth, Arthur [composer] (Montreal, Canada : Arthur Ashworth 19xx., 19xx)
    • Take back the heart. 

      Claribel [composer] (Washington : Oliver Ditson & Co.,, [n.d.])
    • Take care : (of you for me). 

      Nemo, Henry [composer]; Palmer, Jack [composer] (New York : Olman Music Corporation, 1940, 1940)
    • Take in the sun hang out the moon. 

      Fay, Frank [performer]; Breen, May Singhi [arranger]; Woods, Harry [composer]; Lewis, Sam M. [lyricist]; Young, Joe [lyricist] (New York : Leo Feist Inc., 1926, 1926)
    • Take it nice and easy 

      Castling, Harry [composer]; Glover-Kind, John A. [composer]; Godfrey, Fred [composer] (New York : T.B. Harms : Francis, Day & Hunter, 1910., 1910)
    • Take me (back again). 

      Breier, Edward F. [composer]; Weinstein, Edw. A. (New York : Jos W. Stern & Co., 1920., 1920)
    • Take me back to babyland 

      Dresser, Louise [performer]; Rooney, Pat [composer]; Tannehill, Frank [lyricist] (New York : M. Witmark & Sons, 1909., 1909)
    • Take me back to babyland 

      Rooney, Pat [composer]; Tannehill, Frank [lyricist]; Keller, Edgar [graphic artist]; Dresser, Louise [performer] (New York : Witmark, 1909., 1909)
    • Take me back to Birdseye Center 

      Bell, Nelson H. [composer] (Oshawa, Ontario : Nelson H. Bell, 1927., 1927)
    • Take me back to Canada 

      Beck, O. F. [composer]; Duguid, Forbes Law (Montreal, Canada : O.F. Beck, 1914., 1914)
    • Take Me Back to Col-ler-rad-da fer to Stay 

      Moore, Moran [composer] (San Francisco : Villa Moret Inc., 1928, 1928)