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    • I'd like to go on a honeymoon with you. 

      Suratt, Valeska [performer]; Harrison, Lee [arranger]; Bowers, Robert Hood [composer]; Smith, Harry Bache [lyricist] (New York : Jerome H. Remick and Co., 1911, 1911)
    • My baby Sheba. 

      Flummerfeldt, H. J. [arranger]; Bishop, Jack J. [composer]; Hoerber, E. C. [composer] (New York : Bishop Hoerber Music Co., 1923., 1923)
    • Old King Tut was a wise old nut. 

      Denni, Lucien [composer]; Lewis, Roger [lyricist] (Kansas City MO : J. W. Jenkins Sons Music Co., 1923., 1923)