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    • Addressing Student Needs By Offering Customized RSS Feeds: TRY 2007 

      Nariani, Rajiv (2007-05)
      Using RSS feeds from STM databases to keep on top of current research. These new tools can saves time valuable research time.
    • The Changing Landscape of Citation Management Tools: York University Faculty & Students Survey Results 

      Nariani, Rajiv (2016-01-29)
      Do our Health Science faculty & graduate students use citation management tools? Which one(s) do they use? What features do they use most often? A survey was sent out to York University faculty and graduate students ...
    • The Chemistry of Scopus & Web of Science: UfT Chemistry Librarians 2009 

      Nariani, Rajiv (2009-05-05)
      This presentation at the Chemistry librarians conference at University of Toronto was about the value-added features in these two databases and the caveats when using these databases for finding chemistry related information
    • CIHR Policy & Opening Access to CIHR funded projects: Jun 2009 

      Fernandez, Leila; Nariani, Rajiv; Salmon, Marcia (2009-06-17)
      The Faculty of Health Research Office and York librarians are conducting a mini-workshop to describe the CIHR open access policy and to demonstrate how to deposit your manuscripts into the YorkSpace repository. Examples ...
    • CIHR Policy & Public Access to CIHR funded research: Jan 2010  

      Nariani, Rajiv; Salmon, Marcia; Fernandez, Leila (2010-02-19)
      Science librarians, Leila Fernandez, Rajiv Nariani & Marcia Salmon covered the following topics: - Finding journals which comply with CIHR Public Access Policy for Research Outputs - York Libraries support for Article ...
    • Comparing Scholars Portal & ebrary e-book platforms: OLA Conference 2010 

      Nariani, Rajiv (2010-02-27)
      The academic community at York University will be accessing e-books from different publishers using a common platform. This Scholars Portal initiative is the basis of a research study to understand uptake of e-books by ...
    • E-Books in the Academic Environment: An Update: UfT Chemistry Librarians 2008 

      Nariani, Rajiv (2008-06-03)
      As Canadian universities spend an increasing amount of budget for purchasing/leasing e-books from content providers librarians we need to understand issues related to findability and accessibility of e-books. They also ...
    • E-books in the Sciences: Gauging Faculty and Graduate Students Needs: SLA 2009 Paper 

      Nariani, Rajiv (2009-06-15)
      Canadian Universities are diverting an increasing amount of their budget to acquire e-books. E-books in pure and applied sciences are available from different content providers and publishers. The academic community at ...
    • E-Books in the Sciences: If We Buy It Will They Use It? 

      Nariani, Rajiv (Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship, ACRL, Science and Technology Section, 2009-12)
      York University, Toronto, Canada has been acquiring e-books from different publishers and content providers. We conducted an online e-book survey in Fall 2008 to gather responses from science graduate students and faculty ...
    • E-books in the Sciences: SLA 2009 Presentation 

      Nariani, Rajiv (2009-06-15)
      The results of the e-book survey are summarized below. Details of the results are in the presentation. 1. High level of interest in e-books amongst graduate students: - Graduate students have used some form of e-book ...
    • Effect of learning resources on Mendeley user adoption and productivity 

      Green, Matthew; Chang, Jennifer; Abaza, Yahia; Qin, Tina; Josephine, Helen; Nariani, Rajiv; Levinson, Carrie; McKelvey, Hannah; Berard, Lynn (2015-06-19)
      This study was done to understand the user adoption pattern of a reference management tool such as Mendeley. Libraries can improve usage of reference management tools if they adopt a mix of learning support services. The ...
    • Enhancing Student Participation at Steacie Library Using New Web Technologies: TRY 2007 

      Nariani, Rajiv (2007-05)
      Describes some Web 2.0 technologies that are being used at Steacie Science and Engineering Library to engage students and librarians in various knowledge sharing activities. Includes the new books blogs; RSS feeds for ...
    • The Growth of Open Access Across Canadian Universities 

      Nariani, Rajiv (2013-06-01)
      This study documents the increase of Open Access (OA) publications emanating from Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) member institutions. Free and subscribed databases are used to identify OA publications ...
    • Keeping Up With RSS: OLA 2009 

      Nariani, Rajiv (2009-05-12)
      Presented at OLA Super Conference in Jan 2009. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds can be used by researchers to keep up with the latest developments in a particular field. They can be used as a tool to gather information ...
    • Learning Mendeley through Certification Program for Librarians 

      Nariani, Rajiv; Korhonen, T; Kunttu, K (BrightTALK, 2015-08-19)
      Mendeley Certification Program for Librarians was launched in February 2015 and has received enthusiastic support from over 800 participants world-wide. The Certification Program offers an flexible, 100% on-line, self-paced ...
    • Learning Mendeley through Certification Program for Librarians 

      Nariani, Rajiv; Ithayakumar, Yath (2015-11-05)
      Mendeley launched a Certification Program for Librarians earlier this year and it has received enthusiastic support from over 800 participants worldwide. The Mendeley Certification Program for librarians offers a flexible, ...
    • Open Access Funds: A Canadian Library Survey 

      Fernandez, Leila; Nariani, Rajiv (2011)
      A survey of Canadian research libraries was conducted to determine the extent of funding support for open access publications in these institutions. Results indicate that there is substantial support for open access ...
    • Open Access Publishing: What Authors Want 

      Nariani, Rajiv; Fernandez, Leila (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2012-03)
      Campus-based open access author funds are being considered by many academic libraries as a way to support authors publishing in open access journals. Article processing fees for open access have been introduced recently ...
    • Promoting Open Digital Scholarship: A Canadian Library Perspective 

      Fernandez, Leila; Nariani, Rajiv; Salmon, Marcia (The Energy Resources Institute, 2010-02)
      Librarians at York University have developed a stepwise approach to promote open access among faculty. Recent policy by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research requiring public access to outputs arising out of funded ...
    • Promoting Public Access Policies – A New Role for Librarians 

      Fernandez, Leila; Nariani, Rajiv; Salmon, Marcia (2010-06-18)
      The Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) with its public access policy has joined a host of other granting agencies requiring researchers to provide open access to their research outputs. To help researchers ...